Facel Vegas for Sale

A trawl of the classic car magazines here in the UK recently turned up no Facel Vegas at all for sale – and yet a swift Google finds a rather wider range worldwide although curiously not necessarily in France. Indeed, there are cars in the States on e-bay Other Makes, and more in Europe on Car and Classic, and Classic Cars for Sale.

When we looked on Other Makes – an often interesting source of machinery in varying states – there were three Facels but the Excellence disappeared within a few hours, so then there were two. There’s a very original Facellia F2B in Montreal, Canada standing at $36,900 which the vendor states has been in dry storage and is complete. The floors are solid as is the frame. He says it will start with some elbow grease but will be an easy restoration, confirming that it is a restoration project.

Down at Gullwing Cars at Astoria, New York, there’s a white Facel 11 with grey interior for sale via a classified advertisement, priced at $267,500 but there are few details regarding the actual state of the car so you will have to ring if you’re interested.

The French site http://www.forum-auto.com/automobiles-mythiques-exception/voitures-anciennes/sujet378277.htm has found the Excellence which I couldn’t find. It’s actually for sale in Los Angeles from the Beverly Hills Car Club dealership and is for restoration at $79,500. It looks as though part of the restoration has been started but then look again and the primer is already showing signs of rust. Plus it is in a state of dismantlement (just made that up) and so one wonders if all the parts are there. Only for the very brave or well-equipped, I would suggest.

On Car and Classic and Classic Cars for Sale – just Google ‘Facel Vega for sale’ and you’ll get there – there’s a host of HK500s, plus the occasional Facel 11, FV3, a trio of Excellences, a Facel 3, an FV2B and confusingly, an HK500 Excellence – which turns out to be an HK500; no Facellias. These are variously for sale in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain and the UK.

HK500s are the most popular Facel and there are nine for sale in Europe. Maximum price is £230,000 from JB Classic Cars in Holland who are

specialists, and they have another HK500 for sale, a Facel 11 and an FV2B. The ex-Christopher Soames HK500 has resurfaced at $215,000, for sale in Holland and there are HK500s in Spain and Belgium.

There are three right hand drive HK500s for sale in the UK, including the red car that has recently come on the market in Blackpool, another in Sussex for £89,950 and a third car in poor state for total restoration in Surrey. Also in the UK is a restored Facel 3 (left hand drive) in Warwickshire.

One of the Excellences is said to be right hand drive but isn’t; it’s for sale in Germany for €199,000, fully restored while the Austrian car is €169,000. There’s an Excellence in Belgium as well priced at £141,500. As mentioned, these are all viewable at well known sites. Buy a Facel and join our exclusive club!






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