The Club recommends Hagerty Classic Car Insurance

The team at Hagerty Classic Car Insurance are delighted to have been invited to join the Facel Vega website and promote our company to its members, but who are we?!

Believe it or not, Hagerty is the largest classic car insurer in the world with MORE THAN 450,000 policy holders. Hagerty International Ltd started in the UK in 2006 but has the backing of not just Hagerty our parent company, but also Hiscox Insurance here in the UK.

Here in the UK we are a relatively small team of just 15 people and are working hard to raise our brand awareness without dropping our high standards of customer service. One of the reasons we are able to keep our premiums keenly priced, is down to the fact that we do not offer cover on modern or everyday use vehicles, nor do we offer household, life or pet insurance – all of which have contributed to an increase in premium for some of our competitors.

Our company is run with a policy which is, quite simply, the H-Factor! What becomes transparent, when dealing with us, is that customer service is a key, fundamental part of our business.

Here follows a short biography of just a few of our staff – selected in no particular order!

 Charlie PattersonCharlie Patterson – Born and schooled in Windsor, previously worked with modern Motor Manufacturers such as Rover Group, SAAB and Nissan and joined Hagerty in 2008 as a Valuations Underwriter. I have always had a passion for classic Cars in particular although additionally, I have an interest is Aircraft and Boats as well, I believe this stems from my family background, my father and older brother often had a restoration project at home, whether a 1960’s moped or even vintage Tractor at one stage, it obviously rubbed off on me and now I have owned various classic Cars for the last 20 years. They can be such good investments if (and it’s a BIG if) you buy the right car for the right money and keep it in tip top condition. Charlie is our expert on vehicle valuations – and do remember, we provide agreed value from policy inception. We must have this backed up with photos and we re-evaluate every three years.

Ian ArhturIan Arthur Renewals Underwriter – Originally from the Isle of Man, my interest of all things old and mechanical came from my late father at an early age, my interest quickly grew into classic cars and motorcycles. I am currently the custodian of the family Morgan which was purchased new by my late grandfather and has been passed down the family since, a 1962 Land rover which I learnt to drive in when I was 6.My never project is an early Range Rover which has been in various stages of rebuild for nearly a decade, every year I promise myself this will be the Range Rover year.


Phil DunnePhil Dunne – Born in a little mining Village in South Yorkshire, I moved to Silverstone in 1992 when my job as an engineer at British Steel ended. I then worked as Front of House Manager at the busy Driving School at Silverstone Circuit. This meant dealing with Formula 1 administration right through to club events at various Circuits both here and in Europe. I have been interested in classics from a young age – my grandfather was passionate about Jaguars and, at the age of 7, I was pit crew for my uncle in the 70’s! Although I am now the Classic Car Underwriter at Hagerty, I don’t think I have ever grown up! Cars in the past have been varied from Mk1 Escorts to a late Alfa Romeo Spyder, Morris’s to a Figaro! Have a 1971 Lotus Europa in need of TLC but I will wait on my big 50 present for that along with a Spitfire in the pipeline! Put simply I am a Petrol Head!


We also send out a free classic car and bike newsletter every other week.  If you would like to receive this (we can assure you there is no insurance information!) please email us on

Or you may wish to call us on 0844-824-1130 – we would be more than happy to talk to you – your call will go directly to a human being!