A Tale of two Facels Part One

Where do I start? I suppose at the beginning?WelshFacelVega041

It all started 25 years ago when a very impressionable young man watched a film called “Dealers” The film was about a City Broker who used to land his Sea Plane on the Thames and then drive his Classic Facel 11 to his high powered job in the city where he would BUY, BUY, BUY and SELL, SELL, SELL before returning home to land his plane on his lake and cuddle one of his many glamorous girlfriends? I wanted to be that man! A tall order but perhaps I could start with the car? If I was lucky the rest would follow? Roll forward to 2001 and I was getting a car serviced, I think it was a S2 Bentley, with Ted at Overton Vehicles in Southend. In chatting I explained how I had always wanted a Facel Vega not knowing at that point there was more than one model. Ted went on to tell me that he stored one for a client and it may be for sale? My response was obviously, I will buy it? Anyway it took me two years to buy that car which is a story in it’s self, more of that to follow later? This was the first time I had ever seen a Facel Vega in real life and it was a HK500 not a Facel 11. Anyway, I thought I had bought that car three times before it was mine and not thinking that I would ever own it I started searching the world for a Facel. I was contemplating importing one from the states which led to an e-mail from America explaining that my contact had been offered a UK car currently residing in South Wales? Would I like it? Of course I would like it?fv19

So in 2002 I became the owner of HK500, BGU 879B (The Silver Car) complete with a couple of mice and a lot of rust. The car had been put into storage in 1976 and a basic restoration had been started (Common story with Facel Vega’s). Manual car, no power steering, twin carbs and disc brakes.IMGP0190

Roll forward another year and I finally became the owner of HK500, YSC337 (The black Car). Automatic, single carburettor, power steering and disc brakes. Now I have two. One running and lovely and one rusty, sad but complete. The owner finally decided to sell it on the basis that I find him a perfect Bentley T2 to PX against his car. The first one I bought wasn’t quite right but the second one was perfect. Deal done! So the saga begins? Six years ago I decided to bite the bullet and have the silver car restored but why keep it simple?faceljune066

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