A right hand drive Facel II for sale in Paris.

Facel-Vega was the last French Sports & Luxury car manufacturer in History, celebrated as the challenger of no less than Maserati, Ferrari and Aston Martin.

Successor of the mythical Bentley Continental R for luxury, speed and prestige, the Facel Vega HK2 was the epitome of wealth, elegance and power… Probably the most exclusive and costly Gran Tourismo in the sixties, it was the automobile of the happy few.

With over 250 km/h and a timeless, breathtaking beauty, the Facel II was the automobile of the elite : Stirling Moss, Maurice Trintignant, the Shah of Iran, the King of Morocco, Prince Saoud of Arabia, Prince Charles of Belgium, the President of Mexico, Joan Collins, Tony Curtis, Anthony Quinn, Ringo Starr, Ava Gardner all drove Facel Vegas.

Comparable to the contemporary Ferrari 500 Superfast, Aston Martin DB5, or Maserati 5000 GT for fascinating beauty, speed and prestige, the HK2 is almost impossible to find in Right-Hand drives.

This example may be the most perfect in the world, after a complete restoration by prestigious Carrosserie Lecoq (Paris).


A right hand drive Facel II for sale in Paris. The sales commentary with the car;

The engine is the powerful 6,3 litre Chrysler mated with the lighter Aluminium 3-gear automatic gearbox. This fine automobile is fitted with the indispensable power steering option. Thanks to the enormous torque and power of the engine, driving is easy and relaxed with the automatic gearbox. In spite of the complete restoration, mileage shown on the odometer has been kept at 91.000 miles, a probably correct figure, which is part of the History of the car. Of course, when you admire this automobile, when you open the door, sit inside and start the engine, it looks and sounds new.

The wheels are locked with race-style central hubs & butterfly nuts.
Inside the cockpit, the impressive panel of Jaeger instruments gives an aircraft-like feeling while you cruise at high speed, sitting low and close to the road, which provides an extraordinary pleasure…

Some useful details have been taken care of : for example, an additional electric fuel pump triggered by a hidden switch allows to fill the carburettor before launching the starter – as in a racing car ; this smart feature saves battery power since it is used only when the engine is ready to start.
Otherwise, the car is absolutely authentic and looks like a new one : it brings you back to the glorious sixties when people of taste and wealth could take possession of this ultimate luxury Coupé, the best that money could buy.

This fine automobile has a very interesting history, most of which was spent in England, with the same registration number. First registered on January 1st 1960, it kept the same registration number until it left England. The first owner was Mr Jack Bowthorpe, founder of an electronics Company, Bowthorpe Holdings, now Spirent, quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

A few years after, this HK 2 belonged to a most controversial personnality, a Mr. Anton Von Kassel, who had a much publicised affair with Alexandra (Sasha) Bruce, daughter of a former UK American Ambassador.

One of the famous owners was Brititsh race driver Ron Fry, winner of several important races, with a Ford GT40 and a Ferrari 275 LM.

The car then remained in England until the mid-eighties when it was bought by a French businessman. In the last couple of years, an ambitious and comprehensive restoration program was entrusted to Carrosserie Lecoq, arguably the best specialist for Classic Cars “concours” restoration. Every time Lecoq completely restores a fine automobile to its original glory, a prestigious brass plate – with individual number – is fitted in the engine bay, as a signature of a famous Artist.

A true sculptural master piece, this Facel HK2 is today among the best investments for those looking for a Classic Automobile icon. Its market value is on the rise, based on rarity, prestige and beauty : a Work of Art.

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