The Facel II, Flagship of the Facel Vega range

As a replacement for the stylish HK500, the Facel II was introduced at the Paris Salon of October 1961 and was the flagship model of the Facel Vega range. A foreign powerplant would best ensure the success of such an export venture, which led to Daninos selecting the technically superior Chrysler V-8 engine. The Facel II had excellent performance and was a capable high-speed tourer; the engine was rated by the factory at 355 horsepower and could sprint from 0-60 mph in 7.8 seconds with a top speed of 134 mph. The intoxicating blend of exquisite French styling and American power made the Facel II a desirable car that has always been appreciated by car collectors with a keen eye for unusual design. All told, only about 26 right-hand drive cars were sold, presumably due to the high purchase price of £5,570 in 1962, when a new Aston Martin DB4 was £3,967!