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A right hand drive Facel II for sale in Paris.

Facel-Vega was the last French Sports & Luxury car manufacturer in History, celebrated as the challenger of no less than Maserati, Ferrari and Aston Martin. Successor of the mythical Bentley Continental R for luxury, speed and prestige, the Facel Vega HK2 was the epitome of wealth, elegance and power… Probably the most exclusive and costly […]

The Story of Facellia Chassi No: FAD 144

In the fifties and sixties the de Havilland aero factory car park would have done credit to any vintage or classic show of today. Among the humdrum were Morris Oxfords, Hillmans and Triumph Heralds, not to mention everything from Fiat to Frazer Nash. .These machines were not however the pampered collectibles they were to become, […]

Facel news from Bob

By keeping an eye open on the auction houses, we’re hoping to let you know about every Facel Vega that comes up for sale – at least in right hand drive form or in the UK. The first of these is this HK500 which is being offered for sale by RM Auctions in London on […]

Jon Goodwins Facel

Restoration of 200JPK Part II Moorland Classic Cars’ long-time customer Jon Goodwin bought 200JPK back in 2002/3 and so began a long journey to rejuvenate a true classic. Part 1 of the restoration was documented in Facel Letter in November 2003 when my brother and business partner, Martin, chronicled the mechanical restoration of the vehicle. […]

Facel Vega FV II convertible

Facel Vega FV2 Convertible It’s big, black and unique. The wind is cold enough to chill my bones but I don’t care. Roof-down it has to be, for what is the point of driving the only Facel Vega FV2 Convertible ever to have existed if the roof is closed? Some help from the heater would […]

A Tale of two Facels Part One

Where do I start? I suppose at the beginning? It all started 25 years ago when a very impressionable young man watched a film called “Dealers” The film was about a City Broker who used to land his Sea Plane on the Thames and then drive his Classic Facel 11 to his high powered job […]

Grand Routiere

Grand Routiere The Facel Vega HK500 Sold as being ‘For the few who own the finest’, the HK500 mixed French styling and US power. When recalling the Facel Vega, perhaps the first thing which comes to mind is the long list of celebrities who owned them. Not only figures from the world of showbusiness — […]

A rare Facel visits Essex

A ‘Bentley Powered’ Facel Cresta visits Essex I was alerted recently to the fact that MAS 888, perhaps the most famous of all early Facel Vegas, was back at P & A Wood for a service.  Apparently it now lives in Switzerland, having last been registered for road use in the UK in 2007. It […]

The Facel Vega Car Club

The Facel Vega Car Club UK have completed an ambitious project to upgrade the club website. The site is now complete but is being constantly updated as we have a large amount of information to publish. We anticipate that we will have a major update each month starting in April. The Facel Vega website attracts […]