Welcome to the Facel Vega Car Club

Bonhams_1964_Facel_Vega_II_Coupé_Registration_no._EPH_4B_-_2014-02-16_15.53.16The club was formed in 1977 under the name Facel Vega Owners Club by a few enthusiasts, and some of the founder members are still with the club today. The aims of the Facel Vega Car Club are to share the fun of classic cars, with the underlying serious purpose of preserving an historically significant vehicle of which only a small number remain. A register of cars which continue to exist is also maintained and members are asked to report sightings of this endangered species to the club historian – there are still a few “missing” cars to be located.

Whats new on the site

We are redesigning every single aspect of the site. For a start we will be publishing a lot of new content and images. We are also developing the members area and adding a new forum.

Technically speaking there are a lot of improvements, most of them transparent to visitors. What you will see are improved gallery image sliders and transitions. Please note that the Facel Vega Car Club Webmaster, Stan Redman, has implemented Copy Protection on the site to prevent content being copied. We do not want to be harsh about this but we spend a lot of time and effort gathering the information. If you really want to copy any site content please contact Stan and he will judge each case on it’s merits. Thank you.

Important Information for Members

In order for you to access the members area of the website please email Stan (our web designer) at [email protected] . You may find it easier to use the contact form, if so please do, Stan will still receive it. He will then register you on the New Club Forum and forward you an access password.

We welcome new members

The club welcomes new members from across the globe. We publish a full colour magazine, Bolide,  three times a year which is packed full of up to date information on everything Facel. As a member we can help to source parts, provide help with technical queries and possibly help to find a new owner for your Facel Vega. Please contact us for more information.


The Club Magazine

A new contributor to the website

bob constandurosWe are pleased to announce that we will have a new contributing author for the Facel Vega website from August, Bob Constanduros. Bob has been a club member for many years and owns a Facel Vega himself. Bob is a motor sport journalist and a former presenter on Top Gear. He is now a Formula One commentator and podium presenter for Sky Sport.

We look forward to Bob’s contribution to the site and some “titbits from trackside” from the world of Formula One.

bob constanduros facel Vega owner

Bob at the Sky Sports Centre

Facel Vega Spares and Repairs

Facel Vega Spares and Repairs

We are just developing this section. The website gets lots of emails from people looking to find parts for their Facel Vega’s. We also have visitors wishing to sell various parts. If you want to use this section please contact our webmaster Stan using the form on the Contact page and we will provide you with more details.